Friday, July 25, 2008

When I Turned 29...

It has been a week of wonders. Seriously.

Allow me to share some birthday highlights...

Food, food, food. I have eaten at many of my favorite places this week, with so many of my favorite people. I have lived on decadence of many layers and flavors, homemade and storebought, at any and every hour of the day.

The emails. I had 44 emails waiting for me on the morning of July 24. Yep. That's right. Thanks, my faithful readers... many of them were from you.

The phone calls. My cell phone rang all day, with more wishes for a happiest day.

Oh, the gifts. I have truly been bombarded! Every single person has given gifts of such thoughtfulness, something that says they know me and love me. It has been so very humbling... I feel undeserving of such blessings, such people, such love. But I am most thankful.

I have now been 29 for a day, and I'm off to a great start.

Thanks, everybody.

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