Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Birthday Buddy

I was born four days before my mom's 25th birthday... her very own birthday gift in 1979.
So, for all of my life, our birthdays have been closely linked on the calendar and in our hearts.
She was ever careful to make them separate events, assuring that we each received our own celebration.
(Except for my 13th birthday, when it made sense to have my slumber party on her day, July 28. Very gracious of her to give up her day in lieu of yet another day for me... but we've tried not to make that a pattern. After all, from whom do you I think I learned this love of birthdays?? She loves them too, and her birthday gets its own sticker on the calendar and multiple venues of celebration, unrivaled by anything else on that day.)

July. Good month. Parties from start to finish. I could go on and on.


My name is Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, Tricia. Take the ponytail away in this picture and it's a picture of Tucker!

my3boys said...

I think we need an explanation for the photo posted here!!!

Polly said...

Why were our names on the billboard? This sign was located a couple of miles from our home on a road that we traveled almost daily, and we often saw birthday and anniversary greetings to people on the sign, apparently posted by request or perhaps as a favor to their best customers - who knew why? But it was always fun to see. Several months earlier I told my husband, "Sure would be fun to get those kinds of giant greetings on my birthday!" and I promptly forgot about it. In his typical style, he didn't forget at all - and when Tricia (then age 3) and I turned a year older, he suggested we go for a drive...and there was the sign. She couldn't read yet but that didn't hold her back from loving the whole idea of celebrating her birthday with her name in lights!

my3boys said...

Thanks, Tricia's Mommy, for that lovely explanation! What a fun treat the sign must have been!
Andrew, Brendan & Lucas' Mommy