Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sin Nature in Action

In an irreconcilable dispute over a toy, Tyler bit Tucker's arm. Not the best solution, as we are proponents of nonviolent alternatives at our house.

Tucker came running to me, tears streaming down his face, and teeth marks on his upper arm. I consoled the big boy and corrected the little one, and we had before us a beautiful opportunity to practice forgiveness.

But Tucker is not so good at that part yet. He is still living in the moment of the indiscretion.

At least once a day, he rubs his arm and says, "Tyler. Bite. Arm. No bite, Tyler!"

After my mom visited the boys earlier this week, she was ready to leave when Tucker ran to the door and said, "No! Tyler bit arm! No bite!"

Mind you, many days had passed. It's as if he wants to say, "Hey. See this? He's not perfect either."

And each time, I remind him that we have forgiven Tyler. Right, Tucker?

Tuck just rubs his arm, looking for remnants of teeth marks.

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