Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That's a LOT of blogging.

As of today, I have 400 posts on this blog.

Extra points to any of you who have read every last one of them.

And remember, I keep score.


Mish said...

As your cousin......I am proud to say that I have read every last one of your blogs. Some of them more than once. Keep up the great work!

carolyn said...

Now we just need to find a publishing company that will read all 400 of your blogs. You will publish a book someday my friend- maybe for mothers, maybe for children, and maybe just for people who enjoy a good read!

Alli said...

I have SO read every single last one of these posts.

QueenSamiJ said...

I too have read every one!!!! And I don't know who this cousin "mish" is...but I think maybe I rank higher??? hehe