Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What? Do You Think I Can't Handle It?

We are going camping. Yes, you read that right. I am camping. And I'm excited about it.

Couples' camping, leaving the kiddos with their gracious and loving grandparents.

There seems to be a general consensus, from those who know me well, that this will be more than I can handle, I have no idea what I am signing on for, and the people who are taking me will have stories to tell of my wilderness ineptitude.

My brother's text to our fellow camping friends: Camping? My sister? Have you met her?

What?? You people think I can't handle this??

Oh, I can.

It helps that we are taking a fully equipped camper.

And it helps that I am no longer 15, with my number one priority being the maintenance of my hair. It is a relief in many ways to be past that life stage.

Oh, I am so all over this. You just wait to read, hear, and see what a pro I am at all things outdoors.

Bring on the s'mores.


Mish said...

Oh Tricia....I can't say I envy you. I am proud to say that I am in no way over the hair issue. Even after all these years. Have a wonderful time. Just getting away is always fun. But I think I'm with Rob on this one.

carolyn said...

Define "fully equipped camper?"

Nicole said...

let me know how it goes...I am supposed to camp later this summer, but am really skeptical that I could have fun that far away from a starbucks and a comfortable mattress.

High maintenance?


Kathryn said...

My first thought is not that you can not handle it, I just wonder about the nail upkeep! In my 20+ years of camping I have never seen or known anyone to do their nails at a site! I hope these are not serious campers you are going with, they may give you a hard time if you break out the polish! I hope you have fun!