Thursday, July 3, 2008

When I turned three...

We had my little birthday celebration (which was very big in my mind, I assure you) in the backyard with my family.

I remember the picnic table, the tank top that tied at the shoulders, and the lace-ups. A timeless gift for the fine motor skills of preschoolers all over the world.

Note the blue and yellow crepe paper streamers on the table. An essential birthday decoration in my family.

And might I just say... that picture of me looks like Tucker with pigtails.

See? I have always loved my birthday.


Kennedy Krew said...

I agree that Tucker looks just like you! I just LOVE reading your blog! I can't wait for you to publish a book for me to read!!

my3boys said...

1. How is it that you are STILL that cute??
2. My sister says that if we plopped some pigtails on Andrew he'd look like me at age 9. Funny that you said the same thing!