Saturday, June 21, 2008

What Did He Just Say?

We have experienced quite a vocabulary explosion in Tucker's language in the last couple of months, which is long-awaited, greatly rejoiced over... and often tricky to understand.

Out of necessity and for all of posterity, I have created a brief Tucker/English Dictionary. Should you spend any amount of time with my son, you will need to recogize the following phrases:
  • DeeDee: Cookie
  • Digga: Sticker
  • Dagga: Cracker
  • Nink and Nack: Drink and Snack (the faithful request after naptime, every single day)
  • MaMouse: Mickey Mouse
  • Wah-wee: Sorry (Yes, he may say it, but it is not the magic word to release him from timeout.)
  • Hon-new: Thank You
  • Dossa: Tyler
  • Neen: Apple Cinnamon fruit bar, please. (It has a green - 'neen' - wrapper.)
  • Awide: Other Side (This means - "Open the other sliding door on the van, please. I'd like to get in on Tyler's side.")
  • Anairwon: Another one
  • Mee-Mee: Excuse me. (He does not often say this on his own behalf, but rather others whose bodily functions that require it.)
  • Abay: Play
  • Mane: Plane
  • Bee-Duck: Big Truck
  • Men: Mountain
  • Woo-woo: Train (This one shows up appropriately when he sees a train, but also embarassingly when he discovered the echo of his own voice in the food court of the mall.)
  • Bobby: I have no idea. But it has something to do with his food, and he talks about it every time he's seated at the table for mealtime. Let me know if you figure it out.
  • Tassow-work-wowd-moom-moom-moom: We went to Disney World and we saw the castle and there were fireworks over the castle that were very loud and they went boom-boom-boom. (This is a story he tells multiple times a day.)
  • Debug: Dead bug. (That would be in my mom's CR-V. She has since disposed of said bug, she would want you to know.)
  • By-why: Butterfly
  • Noo-Nose: Noodles (macaroni and cheese, specifically)
  • Arella: Cinderella (mommy's favorite at Disney World) and also Gorilla (which was actually an orangutan at the zoo, but gorilla is easier to say).
  • Wah-een: wagon
  • Bee-bee-botty-tweet: I would like to go pee-pee in the potty and get a treat. (Mind you, he has no idea how to do any of the above. But he has his eye on the bowl of m&ms for when the time is right.)

There. That should get you started.

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my3boys said...

I LOVE your list and I can't wait to hear some of these from Tucker himself!

And I must add that there are LOTS of adults who don't call animals by their correct names, ESPECIALLY "orangutan"!