Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Robb.

From the early morning chatter to the late night banter,
from the diapers that do their job to the ones who let us all down,
from the most restful naps to the sleepless nights,
from the playful afternoons to the crying fests,
from healthy snacks to "where did he find that?"
from educational activities to too much TV,
from days on the playground to strolls through the mall,
from picnics and pack lunches to dinners out - just you and me,
from pregnancy tests to maternity clothes,
from the hiccups inside to the giggles outside,
from carseats to strollers,
from giggles to tantrums,
from 'the books say this' but 'my instinct says that',
from moments when we're sure to others when we're faking it,
from sticky hands to stinky feet,
from 'please pick up your toys' to 'stop pushing your brother,'
from 'I think he's calling you' to 'no way, it's your turn',
from bubbles in the bath to splashes in the pool,
from 'Tyler, hold on,' to 'Tucker, hands off,'
from first words to first steps,
from the first cry to the first smile,
from the timeout corner to arms of grace,
from one date night to the next,
from 'remember when' to 'imagine if',
from 'they say we'll miss this,' to 'I'd love to miss it right now,'
from the days when they love us to the days when they don't,
from the moments we'll never forget to the ones that haven't found us yet,
There is nobody I would rather do this with.
Happy Father's Day, Robb.
You're the best.

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carolyn said...

The amazing thing is that it probably took you all of 5 minutes to write that wonderful poem about your husband. A skill some of us wish we had!