Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If not Mommy or Daddy, then...

Tucker woke up exceptionally early today. He called down the hallway, asking for someone to come and release him from the gated community that is his bedroom.

First, he called for daddy. "Daddy? Daddy! W'are you?"

Daddy didn't come; he had left for work.

Then, he called for mommy. "Mommy? Mom-meeee? Mommy! W'are you?"

Mommy didn't come; it was only 6:45, and I do not bless my children with my presence before 7:30. It's a rule.

Finally, as a last resort and a logical next step, he called for Cinderella. "Arella? Arella? Arella! W'are you??"

To his deep sadness and mine, she didn't come either.


Kennedy Krew said...

Already dreaming of a princess, huh?! Oh man - I'm with you - where's a good extra pair of hands when you need one?!

my3boys said...

Oh my heck...I'm cracking up right now!!!