Monday, June 2, 2008

We think he's cute, too, but...

Tyler is quite the conversation starter.

Everywhere we go, people talk to him, smile at him, and ask about his red hair. He is quite the focal point, and every single outing brings conversations about the little man. Every single one. (Robb's parents had the same experience when he was small; it's the red hair. People are so intrigued.)

Disney World was no exception, and he made friends around every corner. He smiles almost all the time, and while we know that he's an indiscriminant flirter, strangers believe they have happened onto a child who has personally fallen in love with them.

As we stood in line for It's a Small World, my dad noticed that someone in line behind us was leaning over the rail, camera in hand, trying to take a picture of Tyler.

Hmmm. That's weird to me.

Robb and I didn't say anything to them, but we turned away and headed through the turnstyle, since it was our turn to get on the boat.

We think he's cute, for sure. Without a doubt. And perhaps the fact that strangers want to take pictures of him is evidence that he could have a good career as a child model. (Not that we're planning to travel that path... his smiles belong to the people who know and love him personally, not in advertisements.)

But I couldn't help but feel a little bothered by someone's desire to take a picture of my child. Why did they want the picture? Who did they want to show? What was their intent for that picture, on their camera or later developed? Who says to their friends, "Oh, these are our pictures from Disney World. And this is the cute baby boy who was in line in front of us."

Not sure about that one.

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my3boys said...

A little weird, but seriously, who WOULDN'T want a picture of either one of your cutie patooties?