Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Potty Training... not so sure.

Tucker is showing all the pre-readiness signs of abandoning diapers. He is fully aware of all his plumbing, he is interested in standing in the right spot and mimicking what daddies do, and he knows how to verbally let the world know: potty.

I have stocked our home with the necessities: the Comfy Cushy for your Tushy (3-in-1 Potty seat, nothing but the best for my little boy's bottom), the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse underwear, and the tips and research from my faithful friends who are mothers of boys older than mine. All that's left is the task at hand.

I'm not ready. He may be... I'm not sure I am.

"But aren't you ready to have just one in diapers?"

Yes. Good heavens, yes. And I am ready to be on the other side of this journey, when he is good at it and we can all look back and have a good laugh at the challenges of carrying diapers for two everywhere I go.

But I am not ready for the in-between time.

I am not ready to pack extra clothes again, just in case. I am not ready to have a full grocery cart, then to hear my two-year-old say the magic word that will send us all running to the far corners of the store, desperately clamoring to get there in the twelve seconds before the flood gates open.

Truly, the on-the-go side of me is not ready for days at home, waiting for this process to take its effect. I have heard you should commit to a full week at home; the mere thought of it gives me the shakes.

Maybe tomorrow. For sure not today.

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Kennedy Krew said...

Do you have cheerios for him to shoot in the potty? And, are you using "potty-pills" (m&m's) Those are the 2 things that worked best for me!!!