Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting.

Between the magical moments at Disney World, there is a lot of waiting. Lots of waiting. The Disney crew did their best to keep us cool and entertained while we waited, and we did our best to make the waiting memorable, too.
Here was our Silly Face contest.

Tyler doesn't win, because he only knows how to look cute.

To this picture of me, my brother said, "Nice neck." I know. It was for effect.

And, he just likes to say things like that, to bug me and hopefully annoy me a little. He's been doing this for almost thirty years.

I have also posted this picture to take away any doubt that I am a girl caught up in appearances. Between the silly face, the weird neck, and the humidity-ridden hair, this is not my finest. And yet, here it is, posted for you all. Let you never say I was prideful.

My brother's best shot

My silly and adorable Mom

(And might I say, she has been making this face to all of us at inopportune times for decades now. She is the queen of making us laugh, and then keeping her own straight face to the bitter end. Don't ever sit next to her during a staff meeting, a funeral, or a boring, Baptist sermon. Ever. You've been warned.)

My cute dad

And of course, Tuck...
...who takes after his cute dad. While we waited, the kids found their cozy spots in the Disney strollers.

The next picture is one of my favorite moments, and thus one of my favorite pictures. While we waited in line for the Dumbo ride (with Tucker, I assure you), my brother and I had some talk time. Actually, he is singing to me right here: a number he will perform in a show he is producing this summer.

(Thanks for having the camera ever ready, Mom. Even when we don't know you're watching.)

We had VIP seating for The Festival of the Lion King show, which meant we had a great opportunity to sit in the air conditioning in our front row seats for a nice long time until the show started. In this picture, Robb held on to Tyler who was ever ready to practice his new fancy footwork, while my brother and I taught Tucker the camp favorite: Singin' in the Rain.

Tucker was humbled and awed by our performance.

Thanks to drinks, snacks, songs, dances, and clever parenting, I'm pretty sure my kids won't remember all the waiting. Because the waiting was parenthetically surrounded by some fantastic moments that gave us much to talk about, while we waited for the next one to arrive.
And sometimes, the waiting brought a great moment of its own.

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Kennedy Krew said...

You are so fun and cute!!! I wish I could still see you're sweet smiling face everyday (although the funny face is hilarious!!)!