Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As I've Said Before: The Teacher Hears It All.

This past Sunday, I was teaching the preschool class at our church. We were talking about God's creation, all the things He has made. We talked about the seasons, the weather, the people all over the world, and the animals all throughout wilderness.

I had two little boys in my class who are home on furlough; they are missionaries in Rwanda. As we listed animals God has made, one little boy said, "Rats!! God made rats!"

He sure did. I'm not sure why, but He did.

The little boy continued:

"In Rwanda, rats are everywhere. We couldn't get away from them. They were all over our house. We even baked one."

"You baked one??"

"Yep. In the oven."

"Did you bake it on purpose?"

"No, we were baking brownies. And the rat ran in the oven. We didn't know he was in there. When we opened the oven, the brownies were all gone and so was the rat."

And his older brother simply nodded his head in agreement. Silent affirmation: it's all true.


Confirmation: the teacher hears it ALL. And, I don't think I'm cut out to live in Rwanda.

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