Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We found Grover.

The boys have a Sesame Street book called Elmo Goes to School. The pages are made of felt, and there are dozens of felt pieces that they can stick on and take off at their liesure, making the whole literacy experience very interactive.

What's better than that, I ask you?

Sadly, Grover has been missing for some time. (I confess: I didn't know he was gone. Sorry. I was caught up with Bert and Ernie and their silly antics on another page. Or maybe I haven't read this book in a while. Forgive me.)

Robb found Grover. He was in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator.

My guess on the culprit: Tyler.

But nobody here talks well enough to take responsibility. They only communicate well enough to place blame.

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