Saturday, August 9, 2008

Perhaps the Greatest Invention

I think brownies are one of the world's best treats. But I am a rare find among brownie lovers: I love the edges. Give me the corner pieces every time.
In fact, I have been known to cut out just the corners. It's the best thing about making a brownie trifle; all the soft parts go in the dessert, leaving a one-inch crunchy perimeter in the brownie pan. Have mercy. That is chocolatey, textured goodness right there.

Look at this brilliance. It's called "The Last Brownie Pan You'll Ever Buy." And I can definitely see why. Every single piece, guaranteed to have two edges. Absolutely brilliant.


my3boys said...

I want one of the end pieces because it would be like a double corner! YUM!

I think I may need brownie baking lessons though because I can never tell when their done...will you help me?

Tricia said...

I'm so with you, Dana. The more corners the better!

My secret for brownie success is Pampered Chef baking stones. And of course, inserting the toothpick in the middle to check for stubborn batter.

Other than that? Well, it's fine with me if that pesky middle isn't done. It's the corners who have my heart. :o)