Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Eat Pizza

My boys practice different schools of methodology when it comes to eating pizza.

While some people start with the cheesy corner, and others begin with the crust... Tyler starts in the middle. He eats it like an apple. He holds the piece up to his face, and he takes a bite out of the middle.

When he's done, it looks something like this.

Isn't that yum-o?? As you might imagine, it's very messy.

Tucker, ever the neat and tidy big brother, carefully ate his cup of pineapple first. Then he peeled off each pepperoni and placed it neatly in his fruit cup. Just so.

These two are very different.

I'll have to coach them both on a more socially appropriate way to eat pizza... at least before they head out to a pizza joint with their buddies. Neither approach is really a good one in the long run.

But for now, Tucker gets points for neatness.

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