Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Nicest Thing

Robb's parents have a very important routine at the end of their day: TNT. The Nicest Thing. They each share the nicest thing the other one has done that day. Throughout this mountain weekend, we have adopted this routine, as part of the dinner conversation.

And so here is TNT about Robb today...

I just needed a few more minutes in the bathroom this morning, to finish getting ready before I joined the world of small little boys. But those little boys wanted me now.

So Robb stood guard at the bathroom door, keeping the little natives from getting in. He was not even slightly intimidated by their drama. And my goodness, there was drama.

My hero.

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Alli said...

This, this is very cute. I am really glad you got a picture of it.You have three boys that love you very much.