Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Phelps Sisters

I like the Olympics.
I am a big fan of women's gymnastics, stories about the underdog athletes who overcame unbelievable heartache and odds, and the heat of the moment when another world record is broken. China must be bursting at the seams with energy and competition. I bet it's amazing to be anywhere close by.

But I am not an athlete. I have often wished to be, but God did not create me with the desire to keep score or the ability to catch things. I have long since abandoned any idea that I will be good at sports, and I'm thankful for one of the many luxuries of being an adult: nobody can make me try any more.

At athletic events, my favorite parts are the social dynamics. Imagine that.

So, as I watch the Olympics, I enjoy the events and I take in the fanfare, but I don't really identify with the glory of the win or the chase for the gold. I just don't get that.

But during this season of watching Michael Phelps win, win, win, I found someone to identify with: his sisters.

Every time he won a race, broke a record, or received yet another medal, his sisters were overcome. They caught his flowers as he tossed the bouquet to them. They cheered, and they cried. He won, and he was surrounded by press and breathless fans, but his sisters could not wait to get close enough to hug him. And he wanted to be close to them in that moment of glory.

His victory was their dream come true.

I get that.

I have been that proud of my brother. Gold medal or not, I have been beside myself over victories that are his that have made my dream come true.
I get that.


my3boys said...

"At athletic events, my favorite parts are the social dynamics. Imagine that."

Meeeee too! We should definitely go to a Rockies game together! ;)

Tricia said...

That would be so fun, Dana... and we would talk all night long and never know who really won. My favorite kind of sporting event.

In high school, my marching band director needed to ask me to face the field during football games. Please, just pretend to be interested.

Okay, okay. :o)

my3boys said...

My niece (who is only a Junior, but was selected as Drum Major this year) would roll her eyes at you...But I thought it was hilarious! :)

QueenSamiJ said...

Tricia!!! I so agree...even though I was very much a player of sports (I found out later the only reason I did as well as I did was because I was catcher and you don't need coordination, just the ability to stop a ball! lol) but I prefered the ice cream socials after! lol

And, I also agree with being on the side of the Phelps sisters. First off, you have so much to be proud of in your brother! Robbie is the only person I have ever known to know his dream and follow it...and achieve it! He is someone everyone could learn from! I also share that joy in my little sister. Suzi, I am so proud of her and every obstacle she has overcome to be the adult she is. Grandma always said we would be best friends...boy am I glad I listned! Love ya!