Wednesday, August 6, 2008

If They Only Knew...

On a recent mall adventure, we encountered a grand display of amusement rides for little children. You know, the kind that put the grocery store's penny horse to shame. They are a blessing to the mothers who need to entertain their children; they are a curse to the mothers wishing to make a quick trip in and out, without whine-inducing distractions.

Thankfully, we were in no hurry. The boys climbed and played on the spaceship, the racecar, the schoolbus, and the simulated roller coaster. They pushed buttons, they climbed in and out, they were blissfully entertained for a good while.

Try not to pay attention to the limited distance between Tyler's eyes and the screen. Another small detail that we won't tell the pediatrician... and one more reason I won't win the Mother of the Year Award.

Look at this total captivation. If only they knew what happens if their cheapskate mother would fork over the quarters. Oh, the world that awaits them then. Sad for them, I don't spend money that way.
So, live it up in your wild imagations, boys. Live it up.

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my3boys said...

As I read this, I was thinking to myself, "Wow! Tricia is such a nice mommy! I would never give my kids quarters for those things!" And then I read the end! Tee hee! Cracks me up. When they get older, they realize that you are supposed to put money in. Too bad they aren't a penny like at Kings!