Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Big Man Himself

Tucker was Mr. Confidence, marching right up to Santa. He climbed onto his lap, told him all his hopes and dreams for Christmas morning, and then posed beautifully for a picture.
Tyler wasn't so sure. He is very confident when he can view Santa from afar, but he's not so big on the up-close-and-personal stuff. I hadn't really intended to have my picture taken with Santa, or I would have at least set down my purse. But this is as close as Tyler wanted to get.

Thankfully, Santa understands this stage, and he knows Tyler will come around.
And what Tyler lacked in security, Tucker made up for in boundless courage.
Let me just say, Santa was looking his very best.
Right down to glittery sparkles in his beard.
I almost climbed on his lap myself.

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