Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They Do Look Alike.

In our car are many treasures for the long (and short, let's be honest) car rides. Books, happy meal toys, stuffed animals, and a few forgotten, discarded, edible treats if we're lucky.

As Tyler climbed into his carseat today, he spotted an activity book from Tucker's Sunday school class; it displays a cartoon picture of Moses on the cover, with a round tummy and a fluffy white beard. He's standing at the foot of a mountain, holding the ten commandments freshly carved into stone.

He pointed and exclaimed, "Oooh! Santa!"

Well, no. Not Santa. It's Moses. He's holding the ten commandments that we all must follow, or he won't give us any presents. Sort of. Just kidding. (I'm not really teaching my children heresy. At least not intentionally.)

We'll talk more about Moses when this holiday with his twin-brother-look-alike passes. It will be easier to distinguish him when Santa goes back to the North Pole.

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Betsy said...

Hey Trisha, my daughter Alison thinks that Santa is Noah. We just let her call him that- she's only 1.5 now. Next year we might have to clarify!