Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Language All Their Own

When Tyler and I dropped Tucker off at speech therapy today, Tyler spied some toys and decided he would rather settle in here. Who wants to run errands or have a lunch date with Mommy, when there is a whole wonderland of toys that his big brother gets to enjoy??

He played for a few minutes while I talked with Tucker's teacher, and he babbled and chattered away. Miss Jill said, "He sounds just like Tucker! They definitely sound the same. They must be right on track with each other."

"They are. Definitely. It's really helping Tucker's language... but I'm not sure it's helping Tyler's. Their vocabulary matches, and they have a language all their own."

And they speak it all the time. Their words are sprinkled with things I understand, but mostly, they just get each other.

That's a reason to have a brother. (I can personally vouch for the benefits.)

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