Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chutes, Ladders, and Cootie Bugs

We broke the cellophane on a couple new Christmas gifts, and we had our first Family Game Night.

We began with Chutes and Ladders. Daddy and Tyler were on a team, and Tuck and I each held our own. When you're the only girl in the house, nobody argues about who should get the piece that's the girl with curly hair and a pink dress. Meanwhile, Tucker was the little boy with a blue shirt and messy hair, and Tyler and Daddy were the African American little boy. We affectionately called them Team Obama.

Tyler spent most of the game sucking on the one remaining game piece, while Tucker shouted the number for each spin of the spinner.

"What does Daddy have, Tuck?"

"Numba Fowah!"

And my personal favorite: "What did Mommy spin, Tuck?"

"S!" (It was a two.)

We picked up the pace of the game when the boys weren't looking, and finally I won. Legitimately. Winner gets a kiss from every other player. That's the rule.

And we moved on to game number two (or S): Cootie. With each roll of the dice, we gathered and assembled the parts of our cootie bugs. And finally we stopped rolling dice (since only Robb and I are good at reading them and the dots became rather superfluous to the game), and we just put legs, eyes, hats, and tongues on those little critters. That's the fun part, anyway.

Tuck won that one. Sort of.

I anticipated hours and hours of family fun... but 16 minutes later, we were done with both games. I think we'll add longevity with age. Maybe.

Anway, a tradition has begun. Bring on the Uno, Candyland, Memory, and Honeybees. We're ready.

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