Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is It Okay...

Is it okay that I raided the craft basket and wrapped some of 'their' unopened supplies as stocking stuffers?

Crayons, feathers, stickers, markers... basically, items I have given them once before. They just forgot about them, they have never used them (or almost never), and they can't access them since I'm not a mom who leaves craft supplies out for the playing at all times.

It sort of redefines the term 'regift.' I'm giving them something that is legitimately already theirs. Again.

I tossed in some new paints and brushes. Just for good measure.


chopkins said...

Nothing wrong with regifting. I am a big fan of regifting- I even have a box to collect my treasures for just the right time. At least you didn't take their "used" toys and wrap them for Christmas morning.

Alli said...

Heck yeah it's okay! I did it too. With my five-year-old. Ha!