Thursday, February 17, 2011

Again and Again

"Grandma, my birthday is coming in a few weeks."

"That's true, Tyler. Your birthday is the next one in this family, and you will be four. Do you know what you might like to have for your birthday?"

"Well, I'll be big, so I'm ready for big kid stuff. I'm thinking a skateboard."

(His mother is not leaning toward a skateboard. A bike is open for discussion, perhaps. With training wheels.)

"Daddy doesn't get to do birthdays anymore, Grandma."

"Oh, I bet he does, actually. Maybe they celebrate a whole different kind of birthday in heaven."

"But Daddy didn't get to do Christmas."

Tyler has a way of slouching himself into a deep slump to reflect his emotions. His entire body reflects his every thought, and he leaned into the sadness of remembering.

"Oh, yes he did!" Grandma explained. "See, God invented Christmas, so it's even better in heaven. Daddy had a wonderful Christmas. I'm sure of it."

"I miss him. I wish he would come back."

"I'm sure you do, Tyler. I miss him too. And when you're an old man, when you're a grandpa, you'll get to go to heaven to see Daddy. And he'll smile as soon as he sees you, and he'll know you. He'll say, 'Oh, there's my Tyler!'"

In a flash, Tyler's face burst with a smile. He said, "And will he throw me up in the air and spin me around, again and again?"

"I bet he sure will, Tyler. I bet he sure will."

I'm not sure how it works in heaven, how old Tyler will be in heaven after he has lived his life here. But I'm confident Robb will know his sons. And I'm pretty sure, if I know Robb at all, he'll scoop them up and toss them in the air.

Again and again.


Jenny Rebecca said...

What a beautiful picture I have in my mind's eye now.

Becky Johnson said...

Big alligator tears on this one. Reminds me of the book Love You Forever in some ways-not in others: "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always". Next, I really think your mom is special. It really is uncanny the one talk your parents did at Marriage Matters, how many tools we have implemented into our own family to leave a more loving legacy. Thank you to them, thank you to you for continuing to share, love and hope.

Terry said...

this sweet conversation has been playing in my mind all day and it doesn't make me sad but it sure makes me cry...oh for the child like faith of a little it must be so pleasing to the lord and oh for the wisdom of a grandma who the lord gives the exact words that little tyler and even you need to hear tricia.
what a precious family you have!
love terry

Marie said...

I was just introduced to your blog today and sitting here at my desk at work isn't the right time to read it. I'm sitting here crying my eyes out. This post is so sweet and made me lose it. You are such a strong woman, may God bless you.