Monday, February 7, 2011

Why I Deleted

I posted a story this morning: a story about Tyler.

It was funny, light, and potent. It was about a personal scene that he made very public, a question a boy should ask his dad, and a whole new and poignant reason for us to miss his daddy.

I wrote, revised, saved, and posted.

And then I started thinking more about Tyler. About this story about him, this personal story.

Someday, he might not appreciate I told it. Today, he's three, and he might not mind. But someday he'll be older, and I might have just overstepped a boundary that doesn't yet exist. I can't ever let my boys believe I am not safe, that anything is bloggable, that our home is less than theirs.

My children are a plethora of stories, but they are first of all people. They are people worth my greatest respect.

So I deleted it. If you read it, it's okay. Feel free to know the story.

I just couldn't leave it on the internet. I just couldn't.

That's why I deleted it. For Tyler.


Mandy said...

I read it, smiled and laughed. Now I read this...and I think you're right, and so awesome!

Terry said...

i agree with are an awesome and unselfish mom tricia...
....and i love your new picture banner at the top of your from terry

Melissa said...

Very understandable. And very wise. I'm the same way with my son - I'm pretty restrictive on what kinds of pictures of him I'll distribute to friends and family. Because someday he's gonna be 14 and he's not going to find it cute!

You're a good mom. :-)

Graced! said...

How nice your new pictures are!

I find I inevitably catch the questions from my boys which should go to their father. I don't know why; but it seems they never think to ask Dad about ... well, you know or can imagine. I never set out to upstage his input; but so often the questions came when he was not available (out of the country) and I did not wish to try to sustain a teachable moment. You know, some subjects just need to be answered when asked, with dignity and honor. But, our God is faithful to His own...and His grace strengthens our hearts.

Prayers for His grace to your hearts.

Kathleen said...

That was one post I didn't read. I admit my curiosity is piqued, but I'm glad you removed it if there is any chance it might bother him later. You are the perfect mommy for those boys :)

Tina said...

I hope that my daughter grows up to marry a boy who was raised by a mom like you.

Kristy said...

I read it and my heart kind of sunk. I'm glad you removed it. Your boys are blessed to have you as a mom.