Thursday, February 24, 2011

End Pieces

I've been known to enjoy a good puzzle.

I remember a few times of my childhood when we set a card table in the corner of the family room, scattered with hundreds of pieces. Sometimes we spent hours at a time, poring over the clues and pieces to see what fit where, which colors matched, what picture would unfold. Just the glimpse of a birdhouse or butterfly wings were encouragement to find the next piece.

Everyone knows the first two guidelines for completing a puzzle: find your corners and edges, and keep the lid close by. That big picture: a faithful guide map for puzzlers.

I feel like I'm living a puzzle, one I must put together as I go.

The pieces are scattered around me. A million pieces, it seems.

And I just wish I could find the edges, or even the corners, so I could know how big this might get. So I could gain some perspective.

There's no lid in sight.

I can neither see the big picture, nor can I put it all away.


Claire said...

I think the end pieces and corner pieces are the things about which you are sure--God's love for you, your family's love for you, your love for your boys, other family and friends. I think if you choose the next "pieces" out of love, you will find a most beautiful picture emerging...Praying for you daily.

Krista said...

Even if you don't realize it - you already have found your corner pieces and you're slowly working on completing the edges. This is a very complex puzzle you're working on - and it's bound to take some time for you to complete. Just know that you have friends out here who are praying for you and nudging the next puzzle pieces in your direction. This isn't a puzzle you need to complete on your own - this one needs help from your sons, family, friends, strangers... At times, your puzzle might fall apart slightly or a couple pieces might go missing. But with patience and understanding, you will complete it someday. You may not be able to see it yourself - but I can see that you already have a pretty good start. Praying for you every day!

Minor Kids said...

Tricia, my name is Andrea Minor and I am on staff at the Chapel in Lake County near Trinity. I was sent your blog by my friend Julie. I wanted you to know that every day your blog has become a part of my quiet time. I am not a stalker! However God is using your journey to inspire and challenge me. You writing is also beautiful. Thank you for being so authentic and allowing us an opportunity to walk this season with you. You are being used by God so powerfully. My prayers are with your family, Blessing

Penned Pebbles said...

Powerful analogy! My thoughts and prayers continue, trusting fully that God will continue to help you complete this puzzle... to help you find more and more pieces of strength, peace, beauty, purpose, and joy.