Sunday, February 27, 2011


"Mommy? I have lots of angel kisses."

(Our family's term for freckles.)

"You sure do, Tuck. You know who else had lots of freckles? Daddy. He had them everywhere. He had them on his hands, his arms, his legs - he was covered in angel kisses."

I watched Tuck study his hands, arms, and legs. "Look, Mommy! I have them too! Even some on my knees!"

"You do, buddy. You're like daddy in lots of ways."

"How else am I like Daddy?"

"Well, Daddy was very kind, and so are you. And Daddy was very smart, and so are you. And Daddy loved babies, and so do you. And Daddy was very handsome, and so are you, kiddo."

His face held a gentle smile of pride, as if I had just handed him a mantle of identity.

"I'm like my daddy."

"You sure are, buddy. And so is Tyler. In lots of ways."

And by God's grace, may you be men of integrity, leaders in your community, committed dads, rooted in faith, and may each of you become an honorable husband who cherishes his wife.

Please. Be a lot like your daddy.


Melody said...

Yesterday as we were leaving church Tucker and I were talking (and man I wish I could remember what we were talking about, though it doesn't really matter) and he said something that sounded EXACTLY like Robb. After I caught my breath I told him- "You know Tuck, you sound so much like your daddy. That makes me happy. I sure miss him."

eb said...

Tricia, what a beautiful prayer for your precious boys. If you ask me, it's inevitable that they will both grow up to be just like Robb - and you. Legacies don't get much better than that.