Thursday, February 10, 2011


My mom and I have frequent lunch dates. We've been doing that for about 15 years or so, give or take. Today, we chose Qdoba. As I paid for my meal, I handed the gentleman my 'frequent diner' card.

"And where is Robb today?"

Um. What? I looked at him blankly. I've never seen this man before; is he really asking about my husband?

"Robb. Your card is registered under his name. Where is he today? Working?" He had a teasing smile, like I was the lucky girl to have lunch out on my husband's dime.

Wow. Um... "Yes." Working on something, maybe. I'm not really sure what exactly he's doing right now.... Wow. But I just said, "Yes."

With a smile, he continued, "Well, he has accumulated 800 points on this card, probably thanks to you. So you'll probably be the one to enjoy the free meal in two more visits."

Yes. I probably will.

He handed me my meal and a cup for my beverage. I smiled gently. He had no idea.

My goodness. Sometimes there's just no way to prepare.

(This is why it takes my every ounce of courage to leave my home.)


Jodi said...

All I can think is wow, too. You sounded so poised, even in the middle of such a surprising conversation. I'm getting a better idea of why it takes courage, Tricia.

The Kennedy Krew said...

Oh Tricia - you have so much more strength than I imagine I would have! I love you my friend!!

karen said...

This is what I meant when I said some things come at you when you aren't expecting them. They take your breath away; they sock you in the gut (pardon my language). That is why I always pray for courage for widows; I know how these things feel. Even 4 years out, these still happen. In the last two months two people have asked me how Ted is doing, is he still working etc. Out of left field, I was taken aback. But God still is the giver of courage and I am so thankful. I thought everyone we knew here in town knew he died 4 years ago--but obviously not. So I continue to pray for you sweet Tricia, for courage, for strength and for comfort. And I know our dear Lord will continue to give you what you need when you need it. For we widows know, our courage only comes from Him.

Claire said...

The same thing happens when people ask me how many children I have (I have two living, lost one at birth and 3 pregnancies ended in miscarriages)-- you responded with such grace; and that can only be from the Spirit. It is so comforting to know he walks with us in every minute, every experience.

Mrs. MK said...

It is so painful, but there are many times I've left so many things unsaid. So many times we get teased (just yesterday) about needing to have a daughter. There have been a few times when my boys have piped up that they DO have a sister, she's just in heaven right now. But most of the time, we just smile and say how thankful we are for our family of boys.

I am thankful that you are continuing to have the courage to go out. It takes much, and I'm praying that God keeps providing it for you!

Honeycutt Family said...

My stomach dropped just reading that. Ugh. Harmless words of a stranger that just floor you. Sounds like you handled it very well...considering.