Monday, February 7, 2011

Who I Was Before

My counselor is a gracious, compassionate woman who is smart and confident. She can follow any rabbit trail, remember where I left off, listen carefully, and show heaping amounts of empathy and righteous indignation.

Plus, she's 5'10" and wears sassy heels without apology. This, I love.

"Tricia, tell me who you were before December 23. What was true of you?"

I thought for a bit. Tears came faster than words.

"I was productive.
I made a list, and I crossed things off.
I was on the go.
I didn't call myself a stay-at-home mom;
I was a stay-in-the-van mom.
I loved an adventure.
I was ready.
I was an encourager.
I was confident.
I was brave."
She listened. She noted my list.

"You will be all those things again, Tricia. You will. That girl is in there. She's just hiding for a while. You'll be that girl again."

I'll be that girl again.


thewonderfulhappens said...

she sounds wise.

Laura said...

I love that. I love and believe it fully for you. And I needed it for me- I need to believe it for me too. Thanks for sharing the 'aha' moments- they teach each of us on our journeys too.

significantnothings said...

I love this post. I read your past posts from time to time and remember who I knew when you lived in Ohio and were with the ABF. I think about who YOU were. The journey life has taken you on.....I look forward to seeing YOU again. When it is time.

Terry said...

yes you will tricia!

Kathleen said...


Polly said...

You were insightful.
You were hopeful.
You were sure of yourself. Most of the time.
You believed in yourself.
You believed the best of everyone. Most of the time.
You were really, really funny. (There. I said it.)

You are still ALL of that, and I see these qualities in you every single day. Some good things just can't stay hidden for long.

Tracy said...

Tricia - have heard of the book "One Thousand Gifts"? I just started it and even though I don't know you, I've been following your story and can't help but think this would be a great book for you: