Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've been looking at pictures of our family.

I chose to share one recently, and I thought, "Oh, Tyler is still such a baby in that one. I should find one where he's older. A picture that's more up to date."

And in that moment, it occurred to me: from now on, the pictures of the four of us will be outdated. They will portray who we were.

My choices will be few: 1) pictures of the four of us where our children are babies, toddlers, or preschoolers; or 2) a current picture without Robb in it.

The family portrait on the wall - it's a memory.

Next year's Christmas card will have just three of us. And I suppose there is a strength in that, as opposed to some weird PhotoShop fanciwork with his head hovering oddly above us. Anything that says he's here isn't true.

There are three of us.

The pictures I have of him are all the pictures I will have of him.

I must hold tightly.

* * *


my3boys said...

Your beautiful photos are full of images of the love that filled your life with Robb/Daddy. I know that the boys will treasure them and always be grateful that you took so many!

One Small Scribe said...

You probably don't know me, but I've been following your blog and it is always such a blessing! Today, I had to tell you so.

The joy in your precious family pictures is unmistakable. Even now, your joyful spirit seeps out of your heart through your words as if it cannot be contained.

Thank you for opening up your life to so many people. Praying for you today and looking forward, with you, to the day when Jesus will wipe away every tear.

thewonderfulhappens said...

I love the pictures! Especially the laughter on your faces and the happiness. You will find that laughter again--it won't look exactly the same, but it will come.

Mrs. MK said...

beautiful pictures!!

Bliss said...

Reading this line tears are rolling down my face.
It hurts to read it, as I'm sure it was excruciating to write.
-The pictures I have of him are all the pictures I will have of him.-
I just wanted you to know that your words are so beautiful and yet so painful all in the same instant. I am moved every day by your grace, your strength in God and the purpose you put into Each And Every Word.

Jan said...

You have a beautiful family!

Polly said...

Know what I love? That you took so many pictures. Oh, how hard it would be if there were few pictures to help you remember and to help the boys know. But you two didn't wait till everyone looked "just right," instead you captured life and captured joy.

It's time we captured some joy again. Let's break out the cameras and take some pictures of those wonderful sons of yours.

Constance said...

Some very dear friends of ours suffered an unspeakable tragedy several years ago-their oldest son, daughter-in-law and only 2 grandchildren were all killed in a head on collision. An entire family wiped out, grandchildren gone. I sent them a "Happy Grandparents Day" card not long after and stated that they were still grandparents but the boys now had a different residence.

The pictures you have are priceless, Robb will always be with you but he also, has a new residence. The pictures you've shared speak volumes about your family and the dynamics therein.
Hugs today,

robyn said...

these pictures are amazing and adorable and awesome!!!

Honeycutt Family said...

Gorgeous, loving, beautiful family!!!!

Terry said...

what a heritage you are leaving for those two boys!..what i like about you tricia is that there are so many pictures that you have shared with us of the "four of us" and the "two of them"..that little tyler sure loves it, eh?..he is so full of cute michief and i wonder if that comes from you..ha!
lovely collection of photos sweet little mother!..love terry