Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today, We Did Okay.

It's crazy cold in Denver this week. Like, minus in the double digits. Like, close the library because it's cold outside. (Who closes the library when it's cold?) Like, close the preschool because it's cold outside.

And right there you've got my attention. We'll need a Plan B. Pronto.

"Hey, guys, I have a great plan for today. How about if we go to Starbucks, you can drink hot chocolate, I'll get a mocha, and we'll play games until lunchtime?"

Tucker was all over it.

Tyler was disappointed. "But I wanted to go to Disney World."

Yeah, me too, kiddo. Starbucks is a close second, though.

Two hours later, and I wish I were exaggerating, we were out the door.

We played Uno, during which Tucker kept calling it Luna, Tyler kept shouting Bingo, and he kept declaring matches, as if this game were so similar to Memory.
We also played Old Maid, which Tyler lost, but he was sure he won since he was the only one with one more card left.
And we played a card matching game, which involved what the boys have aptly named The Pufferfish Hug. It accompanies any victory.

As we played, we talked about Daddy.
Tucker remembered when Daddy taught him to ride his bike.
Tyler remembered climbing on Daddy's head. (Wrestling has taken a backseat these days; I'm not so much up for the climbing on the head business.)
I remembered bedtimes and Daddy's silly stories.
We laughed, played, and remembered. With whipped cream on top.
Today, we did okay.


thewonderfulhappens said...

"okay" is something to be celebrated. Let's be thankful that Starbucks didn't close because of the cold.....and the LIBRARY?? Seriously? Good for you for coming up with something creative to do.

Loving seeing pictures of the boys, by the way.

Melody said...


The Kennedy Krew said...

What a beautifully victorious day my friend!

Renea Flaishans said...

Thanking God for an "OK" day!! I hope there are more to follow!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

my3boys said...

What a great story. What a beautiful plan. What sweet smiles on their faces. Congrats on doing okay. :)

Robin said...

I'm so proud of you, Tricia! And what's up with those second-borns? Mine is always disappointed too, no matter what fun idea is presented to her. Silly kids.

Terry said...

what a wonerful mom you are to those two boys! and what wonderful sons they are to you..."today, we are okay" to our ears and filling our hearts with joy!.....with love terry

~Just Me~ said...

Tricia......I see some amazing glimpses of "being ok" in this post. You inspire me. Amaze me. And your boys....oh your boys!!! The very fact, that the 3 of you were able to be in a public place and remember Robb, play games, and drink a warm beverage....well, it shows how far you have come (even if at other moments it feels like you are stepping backward). Progress....inch by inch....memory by game by uno cocoa by hot cocoa.....progress! So proud of the 3 of proud!

Melissa said...

You certainly did do "okay". :-) Maybe even a little more than that. But "okay" is pretty darn good.

Kelli said...

I am amazed by you, Tricia. Really amazed. What a strong and good mama you are for those boys. Faithfully praying for you, sweet one.