Saturday, February 19, 2011


I cleaned out his closet today.

I found a dozen work shirts, all imprinted with the company logo. It was easier to give up the work shirts, pants, and shoes, the ones he wore only when he was away from me.

But there were others that carried paragraphs in their stitching.

I found the blue one I bought him for Father's Day.

The chocolate brown one he wore for a family photo session last summer.

The maroon one he often wore on dates with me.

The white one he wore on our second honeymoon last summer. During our oceanside dinner.

Sweatshirts I'm saving for me.

T-shirts I'm saving for a quilt, I hope.

Baseball hats of many varieties - mostly scarlet and gray, variations of Ohio State emblems, each either spotted with sweat or flawless from display.

I held close the shirts he loved, those which are faded, frayed around the edges, and so very worn.

I remembered the ones he hated. Barely worn at all.

I found some that I hated, worn far too much. :)

I cleaned, sorted, chose things to keep, chose things to share, and set aside the ones that were too painful to think about yet.

I sorted through a million memories. I kept many of my favorites. Many.

I cried, but I also laughed. We had so much fun together, that man and me.

But his life is not in those clothes, and neither are the memories. I will remember him in my writing, our conversations, the blog, and our letters. That's where I'll keep him.

Robb doesn't need those clothes. And I'm pretty sure somebody else does.

God bless the man who will wear the clothes Robb no longer needs.
May he be blessed in abundance, just as we have been.


Sarah Dell said...

I love this Tricia. So beautiful and so very true. May that man be truly blessed. Praying.

Cuppa Jo said...

I really want to meet you someday!

Melissa said...

That is very generous of you, Tricia. Your giving humbles me and challenges me to be more generous.

thewonderfulhappens said...

I can only imagine the emotional job that must have been. I am sure someone will be very blessed by your generosity.

Mrs. MK said...

The dressier button up shirts can be made into quilts, too. I will post a link I saw not too long ago about someone who did that. Do you have any friends who quilt who would be able to do this for you?

Mrs. MK said...

K.P. said...

If you send me the things you want made into a quilt, I will do it for you! Would be honored. I am not a master semstress, but I can handle a tshirt quilt. :) I've made them and they are super snuggly. Seriously. Would be happy to do it if you need/want me to. :)

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I was going to write the same as K.P.

I have done many many. I am making a t-shirt/photo quilt right now for a man's family. He passed away with two young boys as well.

Kristi said...

Baseball hats can be used for a quilt too. My g'mother used to do a quilt with my papa's hats...denim squares, then the hat patch (or what you cut out from it) sewn in the middle of the denim square. Quilt backing to your liking..she used red bandanas. It was the hit of the family!
I haven't ever commented before...but know that I am praying for you and your family. Each time I check your blog I pray for you and your kids.
Kristi in Tx

TirzahJean said...

The quilt is a fantastic idea. Having that will be like wrapping yourself in his love.

Leigh Ann said...

I don't know if your boys like stuffed animals, but here is a site where you can have special pieces of clothing made into bears. Thinking about your sweet family often.