Saturday, August 13, 2011

Graphic Tees

I've been shopping for back-to-school clothes. That's its own kind of fun, for sure. I love it.

There's a vast variety of graphic tees, and I found myself drawn to one variety over and over again.

Those which boast in their bright letters, silk screened or stitched,

Daddy's Hero
Daddy's Slugger
Daddy's #1 VIP

Daddy's... Daddy's... Daddy's.

They still are. They still are Daddy's, and he would undoubtedly place each of those shirts on them.

It's just that I don't want to put them in a place of explaining. I don't want a conversation to come their way that they weren't ready for. I don't want them to have to explain.

At least not more than they have to. At least not until they're ready.


Suzanne said...

This one never gets easier for me. My younger son died when he was four leaving me with just one son. I still get a catch in my throat everytime we meet someont new and I have hear the question, "oh, you just have the one son?"...or "oh, my son is "an only" too!!", like it's somehow a good thing or it's what I've chosen. It's not what I chose. It's what was chosen for me.

I noticed Robb's Birthday is coming up on the 27th. My Austin would be turning 10 on the very next day, the 28th. This is a hard time of the year for me, as I can only imagine it is for you, still so fresh with your heartache. Please know I will be holding you in my thoughts these next couple of weeks. I'm praying for strength, guidance and peace for your heart.

Erica said...

Thinking of you and the boys Tricia. It seems like every next life changing event, or something that happens symbolizing "moving forward" just gets harder. Forgive me if I didn't explain that very well. I'm definitely not as eloquent as you are with my words. I wish it was different for your family. I learn so much from your posts. I hardly comment because I feel I might say "the wrong thing."

Either way, I just wanted to let you know, I do read, everyday. I do pray, everyday and I think about you and the boys when I feel I have it tough. You guys are amazing love.

my3boys said...

I would stock up in every size and let them wear them until they're 21 if they want to! :)

susan said...

you don't know me, I don't know you, I know a friend of yours and I can't believe how amazing you are. I usually have so many words, too many words but right now I can only think of that one, amazing.