Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've shared Starbucks space with a woman for many months now.

We've never spoken.
We just share the space;
she is at her table, I am at mine.

She has worn the badges of pregnancy and baldness, of fighting cancer and carrying new life, all at the same time.

When she comes alone, she wears a baseball cap or a lovely scarf.

When she meets a friend, she wears an impressively natural, brunette wig that brushes against her shoulders.

Each time, she has brought the baby along inside her.

This morning, she wore a pink baseball cap over her bare head. And she carried a carseat with pink trim.

Her baby has been born. They match: both in pink.

She is a walking contradiction, an inspiring picture of new life in the face of threat, of fierce strength with lovely accessories.

She is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


Janeen said...

There is a way in which she looks just like you. Glad you're both walking in new life, new adventure, even with what you both still carry.

Cristi said...

I hope you told her so.

Bliss said...

You should tell her. Or give it to her in a note. What a blessing from a stranger.

archerwyomrs said...

Beautifully said Janeen!

txartist62 said...

beautifully said Janeen...and Tricia. and, yes, you should tell her....whether spoken or written. it would probably be good for both of you.