Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"______ Now."

I have started running. I am training for a 5K.

When I run, I am anyone.

Married or not, single or not, widowed or not.

It is good to look up when I run. There's more to life than the sidewalk.

I'm following a training program, Couch to 5K. As I run, I listen to my playlist of choice (which varies schizophrenically from loud, angry music to transporting, worshipful praise songs - and sometimes a blend of both), and a voice tells me when to change my pace for the training of the day.

"Begin warm up."

"Walk now."

"Run now."

"Walk now."


"Run now."

"Walk now."

"One minute left."

"Begin Cool Down."

"Workout Complete."

It's pretty encouraging to have this voice telling me what's coming next, where I am on the journey, and where to focus my energies.

I'm wishing to expand this to other areas.

"Write Now."

"Rest Now."

"You are halfway."

"Discipline now."

"Let that one go. Now."

(Is there an app for that?)


Becky Johnson said...

..there is true solace as a runner....I find God there more than anywhere in my life....I am glad he is working through you in some ways in this outlet too.

Jaimie said...

What are you using to get the voice to tell you that? Innnnnteresting. Maybe it's an app on your phone. (I guess I can deduce that from the post.) But I don't have a smart phone. Alas.

my3boys said...

I did couch to 5k too. My podcast was "canned" music, but it had a nice lady with a British accent telling me what to do. Like, "Now get a nice drink of water and a bah-nah-na." Good for you!

Michelle said...

Good for you Trish. I have started running as well but its a slow process for me. My girlfriend just ran a 1/2 marathon here in the Pacific NW...it was a girls only one...when she was done, I noticed she did not have any music...I asked how she did it..she just said she enjoyed the view and prayed to God to get her through it...it is very peaceful doing this and YES..you can be ANYONE while running.

Good luck!


Michelle said...

Sorry..I just realized I called you Trish..habit...as one of my good friends is named Tricia and I have always called her Trish.


Kerri said...

I haven't seen an app like that yet, but we should totally make one. Half my battle each day is deciding what's next - would love someone else to figure that out for me. Then I'd only have to decide whether or not to comply :)

Lindsey said...

Tricia I'm also doing the couch to 5K. I will do W1 Day2 tomorrow. Just started this week!! Good Luck with the training I know you can do it!! Enjoy the view "looking up".