Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hmmm. Perhaps.

I might need a new manicurist.

This place lured me in with their specials, their rewards card, their convenience. But that might not be enough.

She cut my toe as she began the pedicure. Cut my toe. Blood.

She quickly began applying this blue glue, a gel that works as a quick cure band aid. She kept casting quick glances my way to see if I noticed my own injury.

"What is that?" I asked, feeling a sense of rightful ownership of my foot.

"Oh, eets okay. It fine."

It fine.

She did paint a lovely design on my toes, one which the boys believe is the Diet Pepsi logo. Could be, really. Great environmental literacy, gentlemen.

As she worked on my nails, a relaxing (?) luxury I allow myself every other week, a fly buzzed between the two of us. I casually blew it away as it landed on or around me. But she finally had enough.

Suddenly, she shouted, "Zaaaah! Zaaaah!"

And if that were not alarming enough, she raised a paper towel roll over her head and aimed it at me. I kid you not. She was ready to pop me with her paper towels, in an effort to get that fly.

I ducked. (Can you blame me?)

I think the fly took his cue. I don't remember him coming back. But that could be because I was distracted by the fact that she was picking her own acryllic nails off while my polish was drying.

I've never had acryllic nails, but I feel pretty safe in saying that I don't think the standard procedure for removal is to wedge something underneath the nail and forcefully pluck it off, leaving glue and debris behind on the nailbed.

I mean, I can't be sure. I just don't think that's how it goes.

As the other patrons left, I was the only one to remain. The other manicurists gathered around our station, telling stories in another language (stories that seemed to evoke strong, pouding emotion from each other).

And as they spoke, they shelled and munched on pumpkin seeds. They nibbled away on them like squirrels on acorns, taking itsy bites with their front teeth. They cracked and chiseled at the shells, letting them fall to the floor.

p.s. Last month, she attended me while she stayed on the phone with a creditor. An angry phone call, complete with her bill laying in front of me. Let's just say it's not good for one's cuticles if her manicurist is angry.

(I might need a new place.)


Anne Bosworth said...

DEFINITELY! Try this place:

;) Sorry about your toe...Goodness!!!

Birdgirl90 said...

By any chance is this the one nail place by Sylvan? Cause I took Katie to that one once, and once was all it took. The owner did her nails while talking on the phone the entire time and made her finger bleed; one of the guys took care of me, complaining about the owner the whole time. :( You deserve better.
My personal recommendation is J.C. Penny's. Penny's is more expensive, but they do a fantastic job.

Jaimie said...

"I've never had acryllic nails, but I feel pretty safe in saying that I don't think the standard procedure for removal is to wedge something underneath the nail and forcefully pluck it off, leaving glue and debris behind on the nailbed."

No, that's pretty much exactly how it goes. That's why I never get them.

Jan Verhoeff said...

Ummm... Tricia. Do NOT return to that place. Not only are the shells on the floor unacceptable, the health department would shut the place down. Definitely NOT a professional place to get a manicure.

A Disciple said...

I should not read your blog during class. Especially when his lecture isn't funny. My laughter seems very out of place!

Emily Kaye said...

A new place is DEFINITELY a must! That is ridiculous. I hope your damaged toe is not too horrible. :-)

Tyler & Brenda said...

A new place gets my vote. Being able to relax while getting your nails done is the way it's supposed to be. (Or at least that is what I've heard). ;)


If you want a hilarious spoof on getting your nails done (by a minority ethnicity), watch Anjela Johnson at And no, although it's Really Hard to Believe, she is not of that ethnicity. (She is, however, of several others.) She's good! I'm sure at one time or another Anjela did my nails.

Melissa said...

Unfortunately that IS the procedure for removing acrylic nails. :-( I had them for a year in my early 20's. It took my nails ANOTHER year to grow out and get strong after I got them taken off. Will never do that again! Yeesh!

Kathryn said...

There are a few things that I absolutely do not try to pinch pennies on and mani/pedis are one of them. I highly recommend The Woodhouse. There is a Lone Tree location, but I prefer the amibiance of the Denver location. It is in an old victorian house and they have amazing robes (yes, I change for my pedi!). The other place I like is Beau Visage in Greenwood Village. My sister says it is for old ladies but they do a good job, are clean and speak English. Both of these are a bit pricier than I assume you are spending, but you might look into a shellac pedi. It lasts longer. Though you probably would not have to go as much and that is half the fun!

Janeen said...

New place, yes!!

Bad, ugly, dangerous things can happen when people are twiddling with your nails & cuticles... don't give this group another chance with those beautiful hands! (or feet)

Cristi said...

I'd say so. You deserve something more relaxing. Go for it! Make a change.

jmelt said...

My all-time favorite pedicurist is Ken. He works at a nail place at County Line and Broadway near the 3 Margaritas restaurant. Amazing I say!!!!