Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Radical Shift

Originally, I believed the acceptance of a loving God involved a sufficient but relative minor shift of attitude. After all, it was on so many people's lips.

The more I worked with it, the more I realize that the acceptance in faith of God's unconditional love was not only hugely significant, it required a major change of attitude . . . the major shift may be the images we have of God and ourselves.

How radically is our image of God reshaped if we take seriously the belief in God as deeply, passionately, and unconditionally loving us?

How radically must we rework our own self image if we accept ourselves as lovable - as deeply, passionately, and unconditionally loved by God?

~ God First Loved Us,
Anthony Campbell


Quia amasti me, fecisti me amabilem.

(In loving me, you made me lovable.)
~ St. Augstine


Claire said...

Oh Tricia,

Thank you.

Love, Claire

Claire said...

Oh Tricia.

Thank you.