Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Learning Objectives

He has spent one day at PreK, and Tyler is a pro. He's got it all down.

As I tucked him in tonight, he said, "Mommy, do you know how to read?"

"I do."

He frowned. I think he wanted to be the first one in our house to know how for sure.

"But do you know how to write?"

"I do."

He added a furrowed brow and folded arms.

"Fine. But you definitely don't know how to wait."

These must be the three academic goals of pre-kindergarten: read, write, and wait.

And clearly he intends to excel at all three.

I applaud these intentions.

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Penny said...

Hilarious, especially about waiting! I teach Kindergarten and his attitude is typical. :) My oldest came home from first grade, the first day, dejected because "I still don't know how to read." I had told her she would learn to read in first grade, but she expected to come home that first day reading. lol This was long before reading was required, taught, and expected to be mastered in Kindergarten. Back when Kindergarten was all fun! For the kids AND the teacher. ;) That child is now 27!!! And she does read very well. heehee